Sea Partner Ltd. is a company that offers its clients a variety of marine and shipping services:


Sea Partner are proven agents in the Bulgarian ports, taking care of the ships and local requirements.
Years of experience, reliability and extensive knowledge of port and stevedoring operations in our ports have made the company the preferred choice of many ship owners and operators as local agents.

We have excellent relationships with port and government authorities, terminal operators, stevedores and numerous other suppliers. This allows us to offer our customers not only first-class service, but also a wide range of services, with the fastest possible turnaround time in the most economical way available.


We act as independent brokers for international freight and carriers, with their interests always is our goal to find the ideal offer and cost efficiency.
As competitive brokers, we focus our activities on organizing customized solutions for the various projects and cargoes.

Challenging inquiries require careful analysis of requirements from both sides. In order to find the right answers, we maintain excellent, time-tested contacts with international freight forwarders and charterers on one hand, and with carriers and shipowners on the other.

We find the tonnage to match your cargo and the cargo to match your tonnage.


Sea Partner offers merchant ship management, both technical and safety management, together with its associated partners.
In addition to normal day-to-day management, we also carry out:
  • Pre-purchase inspections;
  • Ship valuation;
  • Financing of projects;
  • Sale & Purchase;
  • Dry dock planning and repair;
  • New construction supervision;
With our experience, both commercial and technical, we have the ability to initiate new shipping projects or restructure existing ones. All our vessels are classified to the highest standards by IACS member classification societies.

Our employment contracts for crew are drawn up to the highest standards and our company is strictly committed to onboard safety, environmental protection, alcohol and drug free and anti-harassment and violence policies.


Sea Partner provides high-quality consulting and maritime services, drawing on its experience and extensive knowledge in the field.
All solutions developed by us are specially prepared for each individual client. We offer comprehensive consultancy services for all aspects of various sea freight projects including:
  • Preliminary studies and analyzes for a given project;
  • Complete solutions for sea transport operations;
  • Single or consecutive voyage charters - Contracts for the carriage of goods by sea;
  • Time charter services for different periods;
  • Calculation of the duration of a flight;
  • Implementation of International Safety Management (ISM);
  • Implementation of quality management (QM);
  • Calculation of steel time or the cost of a ship's stay in a port;
  • Consultation on specific legal features when concluding certain contracts for carriage by sea;